Dan and Erica Elsenpeter & Luke and Elizabeth Elsenpeter

Wright County

The Elsenpeters are 5th generation dairy farmers on the family farm that was homesteaded in 1869.  Brothers Luke and Dan took ownership of the farm from their uncle and mother in 2004. Today they farm in partnership where they milk 90 cows organically in a parlor that was installed in 2008.  The cows are on a rotational grazing system and their milk is shipped to Organic Valley Coop in LaFarge WI.  Luke and Dan also raise certified organic beef as well as run approximately 600 acres.  On the farm, Dan and Luke are cooperators.  They get help from their older brother Jim and their Uncle John.  Dan and Erica’s children Henry, George, and Harvey also help out whenever they can, and children Evelyn and Ralph will they are a bit older.

In the community, the Elsenpeters are members of Crow River Sustainable Ag Association, NFIB, NFO, and Farm Bureau.

wright, 2012

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