Mertens Family

Wadena County

Roy and Louis Mertens bought the Mertens family farm in 1950.  At that time they farmed the land and milked 30 cows.  Thirty years later in 1980, Creig and Ione bought the farm and added more purchased and rented land.  Creig, Ione, and their sons Nicholas, Luke, and Ben farmed the land, added onto the barn, and milked 60 Holstein cows.  In 2005, the Mertens decided to get out of dairying.  Then, the thirty year cycle came to pass again, and in 2010, Nick decided to leave the carpentry business, and to get back into farming.  Today Nicholas, his wife Darcy, and their children Landon, Axel, and Roxy, who are all fourth generation, live on and work the farm.  Nicholas has again added to the barn and currently milks 95 registered Holstein cows.  Nicholas runs the farm, but does call upon his brothers Luke and Ben to help at times with field work and other tasks around the farm.  His father is also still very active at the farm working the steers and doing field work.

Both Creig and Nicholas were and are students of the FBM through CLC.  Nicholas is a member of the National Holstein Association.  The entire Mertens family is active in Sacred Heart Church of Staples.

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