Dan and Jolene Schlangen

Stearns County

Dan’s grandparents had dairy cows and horses and Dan’s parents had hogs in the same facility.  In 1986, Dan and his parents remodeled the barns and put in new tie stalls and pipeline.  Since the cows, they have had a quality award nearly every year.  Dan and Jolene have been the top quality producer at First District Association for 11 consecutive years and have had many years first in the state of Minnesota.  They have done practices with Soil and Water including a manure pit and a large under waterway.  Today the Schlangens milk 65 Red and White Holsteins in a 48 cow tie stall barn.  Dan and Jolene take part in custom work ranging from big square bailing, cutting, and harvesting grains to combining corn.  They also own 140 acres and run a total of 454 acres where they raise wheat, oats, corn, soybeans, and alfalfa.  Dan and Jolene have four children; Travis (20), Brad (18), Kayla (16), and Corine (13).

In the community Dan is on the church council.  Together Dan and Jolene are on the First District Association Young Cooperative Board and on the Vails/Eden Lake Association.  Kayla and Corine are active in helping on the farm and 4-H.  Travis and Brad help out on the farm when they have time after their full time jobs.

stearns, 2012

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