The Christians Family

Rock County

The Christians farm began in 1976. To start, Ron and Ava remodeled a hip-roof style barn and bought 20 heifers and 20 older cows.  Unfortunately two years after the remodeling, a tornado ripped it down, so Ron and Ava built a new tie-stall barn.  In the following years a cattle shed, a silo, and a heifer barn were built, and a calf shed was renovated. The farm name Dutch-Line Dairy was established when 90% of the herd became registered.  In 2001, a double 10 para-bone, swing parlor was built to replace the tie-stall barn.  Today, besides milking 150 dairy, the Christians grow alfalfa, corn, and beans in a rotation system.  They also raise their own replacement heifers and sell around 20 registered bulls a year.  Ron and Ava are the owners and operators of the farm with their son Lee and his wife Dawn.  Lee and Dawn have one child, Madison.  Ron and Ava also have two other children that have jobs away from the farm.  Son Marty resides in Kansas with his wife Beth and their child Liam.  Ron and Ava’s son Jordan lives in Wyoming. Beyond their children, Ron and Ava’s nephews and nieces, Blair, Brooks, Klint, and Lexi Knutson have played an important role in the success of the family farm by working for them for the last six years.

In the community, the Christians have been involved with ADA, DHIA, Pork Producers, 4-H, Southwest Minnesota Holstein District Board, the Ebenezer Church, and holding various positions in their local school in Edgerton.  They were also volunteers in Rock and Pipestone County Atlas.  Ron was on the creamery board at different times.  They were also a 2012 Rock County Farm Bureau Tour Host and hosted the Farm Bureau in 2011 and 2012.  Lee is also a part-time deputy for Rock County and was a board member of the creamery.

rock, 2012

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