The Perkins Family

Nobles County

The Perkins farm was established in 1920 by Gilbert Perkins.  Later Wallace Perkins moved to the farm, and then later Jerry, Terese, Julie, and Mike Perkins moved from Montana to the farm after Wallace retired.  In 2005, Julie and Jorge Lopez, along with their children Ariana and Ben, moved into the farm house.  Today, Julie, Jorge, Jerry, Terese, and Julie rent out 400 acres to a young neighbor, rent 5 acres to several Hispanics for commercial vegetable production, maintain 100 acres in CRP and RIM, and farm 112 acres of corn and soybeans in a C corporation.    All crop land has been no-tilled and strip-tilled for many years.  Mike was involved in the farming operation until he passed away in 2004.

In the community, the Perkins family has hosted MAST students for six years and other agriculture students for two other years.  They have also been members of four value-added co-ops and were involved in starting the Worthington International Festival.  Beyond this, Terese has been on the Nobles County Extension Committee, CARET, and SWROC advisory committees.  Jerry has been active in MISA, SWCD, Farm Connect, Community Wind South, Community Center Task Force, and Historic Preservation Committee in Worthington.

nobles, 2012

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