Oberton Honey Farm

Morrison County

William and Elizabeth Oberton moved to Morrison County in 1913 and began farming in Parker Township in the 1920’s. In the 1930’s, their son Willard and his wife Violet bought a nearby farm.  In the 1960’s Willard and Violet’s son Russell and his wife Helen bought the family farm and through the 1970’s continued the dairy operation with their son Gary and his wife Susan.  In 1981 Russell semi-retired and Gary converted the dairy into a honey farm.  After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Gary and Susan’s sons Will and James expanded the operation by purchasing a Minnesota to California migratory operation from Paul Peterson of Long Prairie, MN.  Today, Oberton Honey Farm operates 2,500 colonies of honeybees. The bees are placed at 85 locations in Morrison, Todd, Stearns, and Cass counties.  All honey and wax that is produced is processed at James’ place in the remodeled dairy barns first built by Willard and Russell.  Queen bees are raised in the old milk room.  During the winter months, Will and Carmen tend the bees that are used to pollinate almond trees in Oakdale, California.  Gary and Susan; Will, Carmen, and their daughter Isabella; and James, Elizabeth, and their children Michael, Alexander, Elliott, and Emily are all involved with Oberton Honey Farm.

Oberton Honey Farm belongs to the Sioux Honey Association.  The families are centered on their faith with Gary, Susan, James, and Elizabeth being active members of Bethany Lutheran Church ELCA of Cushing and Will and Carmen belonging to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Little Falls.

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