The Geray Family

Mahnomen County

Joseph F. Geray started the family farm in the 1930s when he bought 160 acres, sheep, and milking cows. Forty years later, his son Joseph S. Geray Jr. bought the farm and continued to milk cows until the 1980s when he transformed the farm into a beef and Belgian horse farm along with growing hay, corn, oats, and wheat.  His son Matt, the oldest of 6 children, worked in the fields, cared for the cattle during calving season, and repaired the machinery.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1993 with a degree in Natural Resources and has helped the farm by preserving the forest and wooded area as well as surveying and planning for crops.  In the winter months, Joe, Matt, and Matt’s brothers Andy, Joe B., David, and Steven logged with the horses.  Today Geray’s Farm has 68 cows, 21 Belgians, 300 acres, and an additional 800 rented acres.  Matt and his brothers share the responsibilities on the farm, with sister Michelle helping as needed.

In the community, the Gerays have given hayrides and sleigh rides.  They also volunteer with various associations, organizations, churches, and families.

mahnomen, 2012

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