Dwight and Peggy Buller

Lincoln County

In 1888, Dwight’s grandfather, Henry Buller, walked over 20 miles to share crop land south of Hendricks, MN.  In 1892, he became an owner of the land which he farmed until his son LeRoy took over.  Today LeRoy’s son Dwight and his family are the third generation on the land.  The operation consists of 1500 acres of corn and 1500 acres of soybeans.  They also have a 180-head cow/calf operation. Dwight and wife Peggy raised their five biological children in their original farmhouse.  In 2007, when they adopted four siblings from Guatemala, Dwight and Peggy built a new home on the site.  Currently, the eight Buller children are living at home.  Twins John and Andrew (21), Thomas (18), Claudia (18), Gladys (17), Rachel (17), Joey (16), and Esmeralda (14) help wherever needed.

Farming and homeschooling is a great combination for the Bullers to invest God’s money and resources for others.  In fact, Dwight and Peggy encourage all of their children around age 16, to travel abroad on a mission trip to give their money and time to help someone else. Dwight and Peggy’s oldest daughter Sarah was on a mission trip to South Africa in 2008 when she was in a car accident and did not survive.  She had worked on the family farm, renting her own land and used her earnings to go on this trip.  She taught her family that life is short.  Additionally, the Bullers are involved with 4-H.

lincoln, 2012

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