Carlson Dairy

Kandiyohi County

Carlson Dairy, LLP is a century dairy farm near Willmar, Minnesota owned and operated by Curtney and Louise Carlson partnered with their two sons and wives; Chad and Kindra Carlson and Carl and Kellie Carlson.  The farm has been in the family since 1891, when it was first purchased by Curtney’s grandfather.  In 1999, the formal partnership of Carlson Dairy, LLP was created to lay the foundation for future expansion and the next generational transition.  Today Carlson Dairy, LLP has a 1,100 dairy cow herd in a 10 row cross-ventilated and sand-bedded free stall facility.  The herd has a rolling herd average of 30,870 milk. Carlsons also farm 720 acres split between corn and alfalfa.  There are three generations of Carlsons on the farm today including Chad and Kindra’s children Cael, Caden, and Conlan along with Carl and Kellie’s children Colten, Clay, Cavin, and Kylie.  Even though they are young in age, they are a big part of the operation and help out wherever they can.

The Carlson’s church, school, athletics, and community have been important parts of their lives.  Curtney currently serves as President of the local township board.  Locally, the Carlsons serve and hold offices on the ADA, DHIA, and Holstein Association Board of Directors and are active in the 4-H program.  Chad and Carl’s passion for athletics, particularly wrestling, also keep them actively involved in coaching youth and high school teams.  The Carlsons also enjoy promoting agriculture and the dairy industry in their local community.  Throughout the year, they open up their farm for adult and youth farm tours in order to highlight the critical link between consumers, their food, and the agriculture community.

kandiyohi, 2012

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