LeRoy and Darleen Johnson

Fillmore County

LeRoy and Nora (Darleen) were married in 1949 and have actively farmed for over 60 years.  They have always been diversified with dairy, hogs, and crops.  The couple was blessed with six sons and seven daughters.  In 1979, LeRoy and Darleen officially started Johnson’s Rolling Acres, under the management of LeRoy and four of his sons.  Three years after Johnson’s Rolling Acres was established, son LeRoy Jr went farming on his own, and son Jeffrey joined the operation; however, Jeffrey tragically passed in a car accident shortly after.  In 1985, son James pursued a career other than farming, and LeRoy officially retired from farming.  Then, LeRoy and his wife Darleen took on the role of management and son-in-law Gerald Eide and LeRoy’s son Richard entered the business.  Today Johnson’s Rolling Acres has 750 milking cows and 4 -1000 head hog finishing barns selling 10,000 hogs a year.  They also have 2300 acres of corn and hay.  Mark and Cindy, Bradley and Kari, Richard and Pam, LeRoy and Darleen, Gerald and Ellen Eide, Trinity and Emily, and Lee and Zachary are all involved with the operation of the farm.

LeRoy and Darleen served on the Pork Producers, ADA, Norway Town Board, Tri County Electric Advisory Board, Highland Prairie Church Council, and HP Cemetery Association.  Mark now serves on an advisory board to another local dairy.  Bradley works closely with Rush Creek Coop, and Richard is currently on the Norway township board.

fillmore, 2012

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