Roy and Karen Bremer & John and Janet Bremer

Dakota County

The Bremer family farm was purchased in 1952, and six years later, Roy and Karen were married and moved on the farm which consisted of 200 acres and 3 cows.  In 1983, a partnership was formed with Roy and his son John.  Today the Bremers own 270 acres and rent additional cropland.  They milk 120 Holstein, raise 120 young stock,  and raise their bull calves for feeder cattle.  Almost all of the original buildings from 1952 have been replaced with new, more efficient buildings.  They have a double eight herringbone milking parlor, a bunker silo, and an energy efficient solar building to house the calves.  Roy, Karen, John, Janet, Sara, and Michael work together to have a successful operation.

Roy and Karen have been active with the Farm Bureau and church.  Karen has been involved with the Nininger Town Board.  John has been involved with the Nininger Township, Dairy Farmers of America, Dakota Electric Member Advisory Council, 4-H, and church.  Janet has been involved with Nininger Town Board, Farm Mom’s Network, church, Dairy Farmers of America, Dakota Electric Member Advisory Council, Dakota County Dairy Board, 4-H, and her blog called “My Barnyard View about Life on the Farm.”  Sara is a church teen leader, an 8th grade English teacher, and a past Princess Kay finalist.  Michael is involved with various activities at church and is employed at Hastings Community Television.

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