Richard and Corina Newman

Carlton County

Rich and Corina’s 80 acre farmstead in Barnum was originally purchased by Rich’s grandparents, Charles and Muriel Newman, in 1922.  Their barn was constructed from 1922-1926 with lumber cut on the property.  Rich’s father, James, purchased and started farming the property in 1977.  Rich and Corina then purchased the farm in 1990.  The couple remodeled the barn and started milking in 1991.  Today, they milk about 30 Holstein cows with a few Jerseys in the mix.  They grow corn silage and put up their own haylage.  They also raise steers and heifers for sale.  Barley and oats are cropped on alternate years.  Rich and Corina have four children; Katrina, 20; Justin and Jessica, 19; and Brandon, 15.  The kids have always helped on the farm doing various tasks.

In the community, the Newmans are members of the Minnesota Milk Producers.  Corina is also involved in the ADA.  Katrina and Jessica have both been Dairy Princesses.  All of the kids were involved in 4-H.  The kids were also very active in school and athletics.  Outside of the farm, Rich is a teacher and coach at Barnum High School.  Corina also coaches at Barnum High School.

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