Peggy and Gerald Heck

Big Stone County

The Heck farm began when Gerald’s parents, Richard and Beverly, bought the family farm in 1967.  In 1979, Gerald and Peggy were married, and in 1983 they moved in and remodeled a new barn.  They milked 47 cows in tie stalls.  Richard retired from the family farm in 1988, making Peggy and Gerald the owners.  Today the farm consists of corn that is raised for silage.  They also raise alfalfa, beans, and wheat.  Since the recent death of their daughter, Gerald and Peggy have decided to sell their milking cows; but continue to raise heifers.  All four of the Heck children were raised on the farm and they and their spouses help when they can.  Daughter Jessica is married to Mark Larson and they have two children; Michael and Mary.  Gerald and Peggy’s son Jacob is married to Desa Gross.  Daughter Jenna passed away in January 2012.   Son Jared is married to Brittany Berger and they have two children; Josie and Abram.

In the community, Gerald has been involved with DHIA and Knights of Columbus.  Peggy is active with C.C.W and the Beardsley Town and County Gals.  Peggy and Gerald have been active with the Big Stone ADA, Farmer’s Bureau, and Farmer’s Union.  They are also members of the the St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  Their children were all involved in 4-H.

big stone, 2012

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