Marvin and Beverly Schroeder

Washington County

The Schroeder family farm in Stillwater has been in operation since 1937.  Its main agricultural enterprises include dairy, beef, swine, and crops.  Marvin and Beverly stopped milking cows 17 years ago and have since raised dairy heifers to sell when they are ready to calve.  When it comes to their crops, they grow soybeans, corn, oats, and hay for cattle.  Their family members and their grandchildren are a great help as they help pick rock, fix machinery, rake, feed the livestock, and help with the harvest.  In addition to their farming, Marvin and Beverly provide custom harvesting to many local farmers in the area.

In the community, Marvin has served the Township of May with hours of time for their transportation department.  Beverly has helped him with tackling the concerns of the residents.

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