Terry and Jean Perius

Wadena County

In 1983, Terry and Jean Perius purchased the McGrady farm and continued to work in town for 12 years before going on to milk for four years.  In 1992, they moved to the Ludlow farm in Verndale and operated a crop farm.  Today, the Perius family continues to crop farm and grows corn, oats, alfalfa, wheat, and sunflowers.  They also own 354 acres and rent approximately 150 acres.  Terry and Jean’s oldest son Chris helped on the farm until his high school graduation.  Son Lance maintains a small beef operation on the farm and was instrumental in the past in raising pheasants and wild turkeys for release.  Terry and Jean also have a daughter Melissa.  Melissa is now a registered nurse.

In the community, Terry and Jean are active in their church.  In the past, Lance and Melissa were both involved in 4-H and Verndale Scouts.

wadena, 2011

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