The Martens Family

Kanabec County

The Martens farm was purchased from great grandfather Peter Wilkens then grandparents Duke and Cora Martens then father Gary and Uncle Don, and then finally from Rick and Janet in 2000.  Rick and Janet’s son Ryan also joined the operation in 2010.  The current farm has 320 acres of grass hay land, which is sold to dairies for dry cows.  Another operation the family has is the conservation practice of Aerway equipment with manure application.  The Martens family was one of the first in the state to use the hose drag method and move 65 million gallons of manure a year with the self constructed equipment.  The hose application utilizes two and half miles of hose and places the manure into the top six inches of farmer’s soil.  The business specializes in small farms located within a 175 mile radius of the farm.

In the community, Rick is involved in the Farm Bureau, Township Board, Mora Lions, Minnesota Custom Applicators Association, and Calvary Lutheran Church.  Janet is involved in Kanabec County Ag Society, Kettle River Conference, and Calvary Lutheran Church.

kanabec, 2011

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