Laman Family

Isanti County

The Laman farm near Stanchfield was established by Charles Laman in 1939.  Tim’s parents, Dale and Lorraine currently reside on the farm, while Tim and his family live ½ mile away.  The farm was originally a dairy farm, but now is a crop farm.  Tim runs 1300 acres of owned and rented land.  Most of the land is in Isanti County with some in Chisago and Pine Counties.  He grows corn, soybeans, and wheat.  On the farm, Tim is the head of the operation and does the majority of the field work himself, getting some seasonal help.  Tim’s father Dale acts as an advisor, and his mother Lorraine acts as a supporter.  Wife Nicki assists Tim with bookkeeping.  Tim and Nicki have two children; Amelia (10) and Kevin (8).

In the community, Tim has worked with the Soil and Water Conservation District.  He also serves on the Township Planning Committee.  Nicki serves as a Girl Scout leader and Sunday school superintendent.  Amelia and Kevin belong to the North Ridge Rangers 4-H Club.

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