Alan and Lori Callister

Dodge County

The Callister family farm has been in Alan’s family since 1856.  After Alan and Lori began farming together in 1987 the farm has gone from producing grain and beef to a chicken farm and chicken processing plant.  The major overhaul began in 1999 when Alan and Lori remodeled the dairy barn into a poultry processing plant, processing their own chickens that they raised.  By 2003, they expanded to become a “Minnesota Equal To” facility, and by 2008, they began processing poultry for other producers.  Today, the Callisters raise about 12,000 meat chickens per year and maintain a laying flock of about 800 hens.  They also raise 150 turkeys and 100 geese per year.  Alan and Lori have two daughters; Molly and Gail.  Molly has returned to the business after studying organic farming and processing in Italy and small engine repair in Ireland.  Gail lives and works in Newport News, VA.

In the community, Alan and Lori are active in the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota, SLOWFOOD MN, The Land Stewardship Project, MN Farmers Union, and Minnesota Grown.

dodge, 2011

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