Leon & Beth Schoenrock

Waseca County

Leon is a third generation farmer on a third generation farm in Waseca County.  The farm was established in 1916 by Otto and Magdalena Scheoenrock and then was passed down to two of their sons Eldor and Lester in 1954.  Leon, Lester’s son took over the farm in 1996 after farming in partnership with his mother.  Currently, the farm raises corn and soybeans.  Leon also does custom planting and harvesting for neighbors, custom anhydrous ammonia application, and drainage contracting and backhoe work.  Leon and Beth have 2 children.  Betsy will be in the 5th grade and Benjamin will be a 1st grader, both at NRHEG Schools.  Their mother, Beth is a PE Teacher at NRHEG schools.  Beth, Betsy and Benjamin love helping on the farm when they can.  Leon and Beth also get assistance on the farm by Leon’s mother, Verna who helps move equipment and watches the dryer and helps unload loads.

Leon and Beth are very active in the community.  Some of the activities Leon is involved in include New Richland Sportsman’s Club, Waseca County Planning and Zoning, Waseca County Soybean Growers Association, and a member of the MN Corn Growers Association and Farm Bureau.  He is also a F.I.R.S.T. Plot Cooperator.  Some of the activities Beth is involved in are being a leader for Girl Scouts, NRHEG School volunteer, Sunday School Teacher, and a member of MAPHERD (MN Physical Education Association).

waseca, 2010

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