Jack and Cindy Stamschror

Wabasha County

Jack and Cindy Stamschror both grew up on dairy farms.   Jack farmed with his dad, Lloyd Stamschror, until he moved to Kellogg to take over Cindy’s parent’s, LuVerne and Juliann Klassen, farming operation.  When Jack and Cindy began farming together, they raised sheep and crops.  At one time they had the largest lambing operation in the state.  Today they are a member of the Organic Valley Family of Farms.  The Stamschror’s milk 130 cows, raise 25 beef cows, and grass finish 70 steers a year.  They also organically operate 950 acres of cropland and 200 acres of pasture.  Stamschror’s are also kept busy with their family owned awards business and Midway Recreation Park.  Jack and Cindy have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.  Each daughter takes part in the farm operation or in the motocross or awards business. Jessica, a graduate from U of M College of Veterinary Medicine, works with the herd health.  Kim, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, assists with the computer technical support and is the engraving designer for the award business.  The youngest daughter, Amy, is in charge of the milking and reproduction work.  The Stamschror’s herd has a 20% pregnancy rate without any use of hormones and a herd average of 200,000 SCC without the use of antibiotics.  Amy is also involved with the Midway/ Awards business.

Jack and Cindy have been involved in many aspects of the community.  Jack was involved with 4-H since childhood, Highland Township Board, Wabasha County Planning Commission, and Wabasha County DHIA board.  Cindy is on the Highland Township Board, Plainview Ambulance Advisory Board, and many years involved in Wabasha County 4-H.

wabasha, 2010

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