The Kramer Family

Renville County

Eugene Kramer was born into a family of 12; there were 5 brothers and 7 sisters.  The 5 brothers all stayed around Renville County and farmed around the area sharing equipment.  They all then started to have their own families and farmed on their own.  Eugene, the oldest of the 12 kids, and Mike the youngest, decided they would start farming together.  As Eugene and his wife Carol began growing a family, their five boys, Steve, Tim, Todd, Larry, and Mark also began farming with Eugene and Mike.  Today Eugene, Mike, and the five boys still farm together.  They raise corn, soybeans, sugar beets, kidney beans, sweet corn, and peas.  The families all work together and the children help out when they can.  As the children are going off to college, they come home during the summer and some during the fall to help out as much as possible.

renville, 2010

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