Xe Susane Moua

Ramsey County

A child of Hmong refugee parents, Susane has farmed since 1983.  She began farming in Fresno, CA. After college she moved to St. Paul to try to heal her mother’s illness through organic and wholesome foods.  Today, City Backyard Farming is on a ¼ acre plot within a ½ acre yard behind a house in St. Paul.  The garden has 10, 90-foot raised beds served by a drip irrigation system.  It uses growing methods that includes short season compatible crops with long growing season crops.  In 2010, the farm will pilot the first urban “U-Pick” operation, at which customers will be taught how to properly pick the crops.  They will pay by the size of bag that they pick.  Susane hopes to recreate the feeling that she has that “the field is like a candy store.”  The farm includes a range of greens, carrots, garlic, onions, and other crops.  Susane gets help on the farm from her Husband Tim and their daughters and sons, Amy, Pajnucci, Max, Dareon, and MaiTia.

In the community, Susane is a Ramsey County Master Gardener and a volunteer at the Hmong Farmers Market.  In addition she has worked with Adams Spanish Immersion, to develop a salsa garden to promote healthy eating.  Lastly, Susane has appeared on a variety of panels where she and her daughter present the story of City Backyard Farming.

ramsey, 2010

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