The Mach Family

Pine County

The Mach Family farm which began with Ed and Stella Mach as a dairy farm is now a beef ranch and farm enterprise owned by James and Mary Jean Mach. It is managed by James and Mary Jean’s son Abraham Mach.  The current beef herd is comprised of 160 Angus Crossbred cows.  The ranch uses intensive rotational grazing as well as artificial insemination.  Most of the calves on the ranch are marketed as feeder calves and some are fed out to sell as beef directly to the customers.

In the community, Abraham provides beef to local veteran’s dinners and church dinners.  He also works to educate urban beef customers on what is the true nature of agriculture.  Abraham works closely with U of M Ag Extension Educator, Troy Salzer, to implement new practices like grazing annuals and implementing mob grazing principles.  Abraham tries to bring an “Ag” perspective to his political involvement with the Pine Co. Republicans.  Lastly, Mach Angus Ranch is a member of the Central Minnesota Premium Beef Association.

pine, 2010

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