Michael and Robby Roeder

Olmsted County

In 1891, Charles and William Roeder, sons of Christopher Roeder, probably had no idea that when they set out to buy 240 acres of farmland in High Forest Township of Olmsted County in SE Minnesota, that they would be setting the Roeder family standards of tradition.  Their son, Carl took over the farm in 1923.  In 1975, Carl’s son Robert purchased the farm.  Today, Robert’s sons Michael and Robby Jr. are continuing the operation with help of their own children.  Currently, the farm has 1000 acres of crop and pasture land.  They raise corn, soybeans, and livestock production.  The Roeders have 120 head of crossbred and registered Angus and 30 head of Polled Hereford genetics.  The family mission is to keep the tradition set into motion inspired by their forefathers: to operate the family farm with integrity, honesty, and execute their sincere concern for those with whom they conduct business.  They wish to educate and pass on their love for the land, family, cattle and God, which are vital to the continued success and future of family farming.  On the farm, Robert and Rita Roeder are the Roeder Farm Administrators.  Robby is the Livestock and Crop Operations Manager.  Mike is the Crop and Equipment Engineer.

The Roeders are role models for FFA, MN 4-H, Olmsted County Boards, and MN Angus and Hereford Association.  They are also involved with the Farm Bureau and Olmsted County Planning and Zoning Commission.

olmsted, 2010

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