Jim and Debbie Knopik

Morrison County

Jim and Debbie Knopik from Little Falls, MN both grew up on a dairy farm.  After high school, Jim worked part-time with a grain farmer where he learned how to grow edible beans like pintos, kidneys, navy, etc.  At the time he also grew corn and soybeans.  In 1979, Jim and Debbie got married and bought a two acre place.  Jim continued to work with the grain farmer while he rented 200 acres.  Later, Jim and Debbie bought a 169 acre farm as they continued to expand their family to four children.  It was then that they began farming full time.  Three years after they bought their farm, they added 700 acres of irrigated land to their operation.  The years went on and they continued to expand their acres, buildings, livestock, and crops.  In 2001, the family formed a corporation calling it “Knopik Farms, Inc.”  Today, the family still grain farms, growing corn, soybeans, and edible beans.

Jim is a member of the Central MN Ethanol Coop and Corn Growers, Soybean Growers and Irrigation Associations.   The family is also involved in the Sunset Riders Saddle Club and the Holy Family Parish in Belle Prairie.  In August 2008, the Knopik family was honored to host the Rural Life Celebration on the farm.  When the Knopik children were younger, the family was also involved with 4-H, FFA, and high school rodeos and horse shows.

morrison, 2010

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