Ed and Pat Verly

Lyon County

Brothers Ed and Pat Verly have been farming together for 36 years. They took over the farm that was established by their grandparents when they came to the US from Belgium. After their grandparents, Pat and Ed’s parents were the next generation to farm it. Today the two brothers, out of a family of ten, farm around 2,200 acres with a corn and bean rotation. They also have about 100 cow/calf pairs. Ed and Pat are the main workers in the day to day operation. Ed’s wife Rita is involved in some of the book keeping off of the farm, and son’s John and Brad are both in college now, but help out when they can. Pat believes that the farm has been a wonderful place to raise their five children. He notes that all of the children have fond memories of the farm and return for “family jobs” like putting cows and calves out to the pasture in the spring.

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