Glen and Ruth Johnson

Lincoln County

Glen and Ruth’s family farm began with Ruth’s great grandfather’s homestead and has been in Ruth’s family for over 120 years. Ruth was an only child who grew up helping her parents operate the farm northeast of Hendricks. While attending country school, Ruth would hurry home to help with chores and then off to her other love of softball. Ruth remembers her Dad’s team of horses and learning how to drive the John Deere B at age 6. Glen, on the other hand grew up in the town of Hendricks with eight brothers and sisters. Glen helped with family businesses until he joined the Air Force in 1951. Glen later was a Rural Mail Carrier for 44 years. Currently, the Johnson’s raise corn, soybeans, and wheat. They also have a small herd of Hereford cattle and horses. Glen and Ruth have three sons. Their oldest son and his wife Racquel have three children; Trent, Marissa, and Kaylee. Their middle child Gary and his wife Sherri have three daughters; Greta, Sophie, and Sadie. The youngest son Jay and his wife Jessica have two children; Kellen and Hayden. Sons Ron and Gary both farm with Glen and Ruth. Jay lives in Pipestone and teaches and coaches girls basketball.

Thinking about her lifetime involvement in farming, Ruth said, “Over the years, the number of acres have changed, the machinery has changed, but the love of the land will hopefully go on for generations. The ups and downs of farming are quickly forgotten, but the one constant is how richly God blesses a farm family.”

lincoln, 2010

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