Elmo and Alcia Sorrels

Lake of the Woods County

Elmo Sorrels has been a farmer for many decades, growing Foundation Seed Potatoes and raising grass seeds. He was interested in the farm life at an early age and became a 4-H member when he was quite young. While growing up, he was always helping on the family farm. Elmo’s father started the Foundation Seed Potato business after purchasing his first seed potatoes in Bemidji in the early 20s. After serving in WWII, Elmo joined his father in the business. Elmo’s brother Cy was also involved in the potato business until the early 60’s. After his father retired, Elmo’s son Forrest joined him on the farm. Elmo has received many awards for the high quality of seed potatoes.

Elmo is a member of the Roosevelt American Legion where he has recently received his 65 year membership pin. He is also active with the Red River Valley Development Association, Farm Bureau, NRA, and John Birch Society. Alcia spent most of her time as a homemaker. She did work at Marvin Windows for a few years. Both Elmo and Alcia are active in their church. The Sorrels have 11 living children, 28 grandchildren, 38 great grandchildren, and 3 great, great grandchildren!

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