Paul and Carol Anderson

Grant County

The Anderson farm in Hoffman, MN is a 3rd generation family farm. Paul took over the small-grain farming operation in December 1989 and milked cows until 2004. The current farm is a small-grain farm with a small cattle operation. Paul’s brother Pat also farms with Paul and Carol. The brothers each own their own land, but do the farming together. Paul and Carol have two children Katie and Brent. Both children are attending Concordia College in Moorhead and studying education. Brent is very involved in the farm operation and will hopefully be the fourth generation to take over the farm.

In the community, Paul and Carol are active members of Messiah Lutheran in Hoffman. Paul is currently on the Cemetery Board for Bethel Cemetery and has taken an active role in projects. Carol is in 32nd year of teaching in a neighboring school district.

grant, 2010

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