Al and Beth Bester

Dakota County

Al grew up farming. He was raised on a farm in Rosemount that was originally bought by his grandfather in 1919. Throughout his childhood, Al helped his father out on the farm. When he graduated high school, he went and studied welding at Dakota County Technical College. In 1988, Al married Beth and they decided to buy their current farm in Hampton, MN which at the time consisted of 240 acres and 50-60 milk cows. Today, Al and Beth farm some farmland with Al’s Dad, some with a friend in partnership, and 550 acres that is theirs. They have 3 farms with dairy cattle, young stock, and 55 milking cows. The milk is sold to Hasting Creamery. They also rent cropland where they grow wheat, corn, beans, and hay.

Al and Beth have two children, Jessie and Matt. Both children are studying a form of agriculture in college. Beth has been a stay-at-home mom and has been totally involved in her children’s activities. She is also a member of the Randolph Athletic Boosters, Dakota County DHIA, Dakota County ADA, and U of M Rosemount Research and Outreach Center Advisory Board.

dakaota, 2010

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