Kent and Karlain Erickson

Cottonwood County

Kent began farming with his dad while he was in High School and is still farming today in Storden, MN. He farms 900 acres of corn and soybeans. In addition, he raises 8000 head of hogs. Kent farms with his wife Karlain, and their children Travis, Tyler, and Brittany. The family works together doing field work, rock picking, and harvesting.

Kent and Karlain are board members of the Cottonwood County Corn and Soybean Growers, and Kent is a member of the Cotttonwood County Pork Producers. Kent is also a volunteer fireman and is president of the Rolling Hills Golf Course. The family is active in the Storden Striver’s 4-H Club. Travis and Tyler are also involved with the Red Rock Central FFA.

Cottonwood, 2010

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