Gary and Aryls Mathis

Clearwater County

The Mathis family farm has gone through many changes over the years. In 1969, the Mathis family bought and moved from Max, N.D. to what was known as the Olaf Hansen farm in Hangaard Township, Gonvick, MN. The family started out fencing and raising sheep. Later they sold the sheep and bought cows. Over the years, they entered into a partnership where they grew and processed wild rice and carrots. In 1995, the family sold out of that partnership and just focused on the farm doing a lot of fencing and putting up hay for their cow/calf operation. Seven years later, they sold the cows and now only take in yearlings. In today’s operation, the family takes in yearlings in February and backgrounds them until the grass comes. The yearlings are on the grass until November and then are shipped to a feedlot. During the summer months, the Mathis family is busy putting up hay, fixing fence, and repairing.

Gary and Aryls are active in their church and both serve on the township board. Gary is currently on the Clearwater-Polk Electric and Square Butte Boards and was formerly on the Gully Co-op and Clearwater Soil & Water Conservation Boards.

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