The Schultz-Schaefer Family

Chippewa County

The Schultz-Schaefer family farm was established when Ron and Pam were married. The couple’s families were good friends and neighbors that helped each other with their farming operations. Ron is the 5th generation of the Schultz Family Farm and Pam is the 2nd generation to the Schaefer family farm. The current farm includes wheat, corn, and soybean. Eligible acreage has been enrolled into CRP programs. Stock cows, calves, and feeder cattle top of the operation. Ron and Pam work together managing their farm. Ron owns and operates the farm where Pam is the bookkeeper and helps wherever is needed. They have two sons, Doug and Scott. Scott helps oversee the care of the CRP acreage on his parents’ farm.

Ron is active in Pheasants Forever and Pam is involved with the township board. Both are active in their church. One goal the Schultz’s have is to continue to keep a balance between crop production and sustaining wildlife habitat for future generations.

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