Jenna and Michael Griebel

Brown County

The Griebel Farm is a 4th generation century farm that was started by Michael’s great-grandfather. The farm was passed from Michael’s great grandfather to his grandfather, to his dad, and then finally to Michael. One of the tractors owned by Michael’s grandfather is actually still in use today. Currently the farm consists of 100 dairy cows plus 300 acres of alfalfa, corn, and soybeans. They also do custom bailing. Michael employs his father full time and his brother and sister part time. Mike’s son, Isaac, helps with the calves, feeding, and cleaning. His daughter, Elizabeth helps open and close gates as well as helps fill dip cups.

In the community, Michael is a member of the MN Farmers Union, MN Milk, and a member of the American Legion. The Griebel children are also involved with 4-H.

brown, 2010

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