June 29, 2017

Ramsey County

Paul Red Elk

Paul, a master herbalist and master naturalist, has multiple projects scattered throughout not only Ramsey County, but other counties as well, in hopes to preserve seeds and native plants.  It is his passion to understand the benefits of plants on soil composition and the history of using plants to cook and treat scratches, infections, and illnesses.  Paul has partnered with museums and local archeologists to collect seeds.  In doing so, Paul has collected seeds for squash, beans, and corn plants, all of which have been used by native communities for over 2,000 years.  Paul is also in the process of developing two herbal gardens, one of which is being developed at the American Indian Magnet School in St. Paul. Paul has also been a leader in the restoration of the Big Urban Woods, a 5.5 acre area on the east side of St. Paul.  The project has developed into a natural classroom with elementary school classes from the American Indian School making frequent trips during the school year. 

Paul is a teacher at the American Indian Magnet School and also at metro community classes.  He also works with elementary school classes from public schools in St. Paul.  In addition, Paul has coordinated with 73 different wild rice producers throughout Minnesota to offer and sell rice at the Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis.