June 29, 2017

Scott County

Scott CountyZweber Family

The Zweber family from Elko, MN own and operate a dairy farm.  They currently milk 100 head of Holstein, Swiss, and Crossbred cows.  The Zweber’s raise all of their own young stock and finish a portion of their own steers each year.  Zweber’s also raise hogs and chickens which are sold directly to local customers.  Everyone in the Zweber family helps with the business.  In 2008, Tim and Emily formed a partnership with Jon and Lisa.  Tim manages the dairy and crops with Jon.  Emily and Lisa milk a couple nights a week and help in the marketing and sales of the premium meat business.  In addition to her full time job, Sarah milks one night a week.  Steve helps out when he comes home from college and in the summer with field work.  Sam enjoys feeding and milking on occasion.

The entire Zweber family is active in the community.  Jon and Lisa are members of the St. Nicholas Catholic Church.  They are also 4-H leaders, Farm Bureau members, and representatives for Organic Valley.  Tim and Emily are members of the St. Nicholas Catholic Church and are 4-H leaders.  Tim is also a Scott Co. DHIA member.  Sarah, Steve, and Sam have all been active in the New Prague School, St. Nicholas Catholic Church, and 4-H.